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Is Stripe going to eat the payments industry? Live insights from Stripe Sessions 2023

Software has long been supposed to be eating the world. Stripe was kind enough to invite me to their annual stipe ‘sessions’ event, in person for the first time since 2023. And you might of thought of Stripe as a … Continue reading

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Would you, should you, have you deployed GPT4 inside your business yet?

Are people using GPT4 successfully in real commercial products yet? Is OpenAI’s latest/greatest API a good hire?  A recent timely Ask HN discussion hacker news this week poses this question. Go read the whole thing, or here are my meta-take-ways … Continue reading

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Latest ChatGPT Hacks for PMs

As a software product manager it’s hard to think of everything. And you know, in our heart, the true route cause of a lot of bugs is that… the requirements could have been better. This is where I’m kindof excited … Continue reading

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