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Speaking at DemoCamp17

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I have just been informed by reliable sources, that I will be speaking at DemoCamp17 on Monday on the subject of “The State of Wireless in Canada Sucks presented by Tom Purves“.

I’ll be giving a 5 minute speed/ignite presentation. Between now and then, I’ll do what I can to pack as much entertainment value for your money. Expect a few surprises and. a few. things. sadly. not. surprising. at all. anymore.

Did you think Wireless in Canada wasn’t so great maybe?

Did you think it was going to get better?

Expect new charts, expect pictures, expect ranting. Maybe you’ll laugh, maybe cry, at the worst expect me to last no more than (exactly) 5 minutes and then I’m off the stage, the program will be done, and you can go drink beer.

Here’s my plug however, if you aren’t already (what’s wrong with you?), get subscribed to WirelessNorth.ca for all the ongoing coverage, the sucking, the sparks of awesomeness where we find them, blow-by-blow spectrum auction scoops and otherwise.