The Language of Omaha

Warren Buffet’s annual letter is up on the internet. As usual it is a joy to read. Don’t you wish everyone in business could speak so plainly? Okay, On the one, hand I do suppose that anyone who made their shareholders 16.9B last year (yes, that’s with a ‘B’) would have the prerogative to talk anyway they like, and the ‘homelyness’ of Buffet’s style surely well practiced. On the other hand though, I think it may simply/also require an extraordinarily rare degree of competence in everything you do to be able to speak about it so clearly. Judge for yourself.

Speaking of clearly speaking Omahanians, if you never have, you must read Charlie Munger’s famous speech. Charlie Munger is Buffet’s longtime partner at Berkshire Hathaway. This little (okay not so little) speech, ostensibly about stock picking, is rather perhaps the single best -and most complete- treatise on business that you’ll ever read.